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Library Services

Our college takes great pride in providing comprehensive library services that cater to the diverse needs of our students, faculty, and staff. Our library serves as a hub of knowledge, offering a wide range of resources and services to support academic and research endeavours.
Here are some of the key library services provided by our college:

Extensive Collection: Our library boasts a vast collection of books, journals, periodicals, and research papers covering various disciplines and subjects. Students have access to a wide range of academic resources, including textbooks, reference materials, scholarly publications, and more. The collection is regularly updated to ensure relevance and alignment with the curriculum.
Online Databases and E-resources: In addition to physical resources, our library provides access to a wide range of online databases, e-books, and e-journals. Students can access these resources from anywhere on campus, facilitating convenient and timely research. These electronic resources cover a wide range of subjects and offer up-to-date information and research findings.
Reference and Research Assistance: Our library staff is dedicated to assisting students in their research endeavors. They provide guidance and support in finding relevant resources, utilizing search techniques, and accessing online databases. Students can approach the reference desk for assistance with their specific information needs, such as research paper preparation, citation styles, and literature reviews.


Campus Facilities

Find information about the library, computer labs, laboratories and other amenities available to students.

Classrooms: Our college has spacious and well-designed classrooms equipped with modern teaching aids and audio-visual equipment to facilitate effective teaching and learning.
Laboratories: We have well-equipped laboratories that provide hands-on training and practical experience to students in various disciplines, such as science, computer science, engineering, and more.
Student Support: Counseling Services: Access confidential counseling services to help you navigate personal challenges, stress management, and mental health support.
Career Development: Discover resources for internship, job opportunities, resume writing, and interview preparation. Our goal is to assist you in planning for your future career.
Health and Wellness: Find information on health services, fitness programs, and wellness initiatives to promote a healthy and balanced lifestyle.